Optimal Natural Fertility

Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment - £500 each. Then fully bespoke programme - price and duration confirmed following Assessments.
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With Lisa Steel and Bridget Batty

Nurturing Natural Fertility programme with an 85% success rate*.

Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment (each partner) 

Hormone Test - we prefer you to complete a Full Hormone Test in advance of your consultation. We will advise if necessary based on your questionnaire input. Cost £286.

Semen Analysis - we will only progress with a female patient when we have seen the results of male partner's semen test which has been carried out within the 3 month period prior to the booked Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment(s). 

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Based on your Assessments and Tests we will advise if you are suitable to move on to our Optimal Natural Fertility programme – for one partner only or both partners together

A comprehensive, fully supportive bespoke programme only available to patients who have had an Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment. Our mission is to make a real and sustainable difference and support the change critical to ensure the healthiest fertility and best outcome.

We aim for Optimal Fertility to be as all-inclusive as possible. In addition to wraparound health coaching it will include Optimal Health Re-Tests, a range of Health Optimising Treatments and further Assessments all bespoke to your identified, individual needs. The treatments can be split evenly or geared more towards one partner or another.

Health Optimising Plan membership is free for the duration of your programme.

(*In our latest audit 98 of the 115 patients who chose Optimal Natural Fertility had a healthy baby: an 85% success rate. Of those 82 used just Optimal Natural Fertility and 16 used it to increase the probability of IVF succeeding)
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