Life Coaching in Winchester

£30 per blood draw
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With Henry Johnstone and team

Henry Johnstone and team

First session/ consultation - 50 mins / £115

Typical follow up – 50 mins / £115

Recommended sessions - 12

Henry and his team cover the whole of UK and run their sessions either in person or through scheduled Skype or Zoom calls.

Life can sometimes feel difficult, stagnant and unfulfilling, in these moments it is not always easy to find a way forward or find the motivation for change. Life Coaching exists to clear out emotional and motivational blocks and self-limiting beliefs, that keep you from the life you want, the life you deserve and fully optimised health.

Henry creates tailored programmes for each of his clients, concentrating on an area of their life that they feel they are most lacking in. He uses a combination of several schools of coaching to create a uniquely supportive and empowering space. Drawing upon tried and tested techniques from Life Coaching, Confidence Coaching, NLP Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Henrys approach results in powerful and meaningful change.

The areas he enables his clients to develop in are commonly:

 ·       Transformational life change.

 ·       Effective and exciting goal planning.

 ·       Motivation.

 ·       Increased emotional awareness for communication and intimacy.

 ·       Self-worth and belief.

 ·       Confidence.

 ·       Positive and healthy habit creation.

 ·       Addiction recovery.

Sessions are held weekly for 50 minutes, these can be done in person or through Skype and Zoom calls. During these sessions Henry will help you discover what really matters to you, what’s holding you back and how you can start to move forward, ultimately toward your transformed life.

To compliment Health Optimising programmes and pathways, Henry manages a handpicked team of coaches that cater to a wide variety of coaching specialisations as follows:

·       LifeChange.

·       Business and Corporate Coaching.

·       Relationship Coaching.

·       Mental Health Coaching.

·       Adolescents Coaching/ Self Harm and Self Esteem Coaching.

·       Sports Performance Coaching.

High standards and real results are first and foremost within any coaching practice.Henry and his team are no different. Each one has been picked because they are leaders in their field and bring consistent value and excellence to their roles.

Henry lives and works from his home in north London which he shares with his long term partner and two wonderful dogs.

He is also a Metal Work Artist and runs creative workshops deep within the North Norfolk countryside. He mentors attendees in how to transform steel into beautiful, elegant and powerful symbols of their own transformation.

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