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The Clinic

Our first-born clinic, relaunched to offer an uplifting Health Optimising experience.

Caring compassionate leaders in their field. Offering the very best regenerative programmes, assessments and treatments.

Optimal Health Assessment >

Starting with this unique state-of-the-art full body MOT.

An all-encompassing technology based assessment giving a distinctive insight into health imbalance and what causes it.

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Specialist Therapies

Health Optimising is always the focus of specialist therapies like acupuncture, osteopathy or pain management.

Unique programmes >

Our programmes are bespoke and offer you guided support from an experienced Clinical Lead. They represent an average 20% saving over booking treatments individually.

Programmes like LifeChange, a transformative health empowerment programme with regenerative results.

Or Natural Fertility, a nurturing programme with an 85% success rate.

Try our Health Optimising Cleanse, an integrated & inclusive 6 week programme.

A calming and nurturing clinic in a peaceful setting in the semi-rural Hampshire countryside.
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