Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

With Alex Eftime
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£95 for 60 minutes

Health Optimising patients may benefit from having bespoke Traditional Chinese Acupuncture therapy to complement their ongoing treatments.

To improve health and well-being, acupuncture was developed over millennia as a  form of therapy that stimulates specific locations and points on the human body to achieve a clinical effect.

Acupuncture originated in a region that is in today’s China, and was developed by numerous Chinese scholars - one of the oldest textbooks, still in use today, was written between 800 BC and 200 AD. Being a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the diagnostic process in acupuncture was refined through observation and clinical skills that were for a long time kept secret by a select few.

After being introduced in Europe around the 17th century, acupuncture gained popularity and it is now easily recognisable and widely used for pain management, treating an array of internal conditions or for general well-being. 

A Traditional Chinese Acupuncture therapy session lasts one hour. During this time, up to 15 minutes could be allocated to a discussion, the rest of the time being allocated to preparations and treatment.