Qigong Healing

£80 - £120
With Alex Eftime
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£120 for 60 minutes, £80 for 30 minutes

Traditional Qigong Healing is the perfect complement to the current Health Optimising therapies on offer.

“Qi”(read as chi) is a core concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine, often described as a “Life Force”, whilst “Gong” (read as kung) often refers to the benefits and merits achieved through work and diligence.

Qigong can be practised as a form of exercise, coordinated with breath and visualising techniques.

As a healing technique, it is both a diagnostic method and a treatment that energises and directly influences vitality. 

Qigong is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, with which it is coupled to diagnose. A typical diagnostic could reveal a range of imbalances difficult to ascertain using other means, thereby adding another dimension to understanding your health.

Therapeutically it resolves uneven or blocked pathways, restores the Yin and Yang balance, and harmonises the five elements within the human body.

Alex’s techniques also focus on restoring the fundamental structures (or essences) of the body and the spirit, and are life-prolonging.

Qigong can be used alongside any therapy to boost its effects.