Optimum Performance Massage Therapy

With Martin Whitney
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Martin Whitney – Sports Massage Therapist, NMIT Muscle Activator, FHT Member

One Hour Massage Treatment - £90 for 60 mins

One and a Half Hour Massage Treatment - £130 for 90 mins

Two Hour Massage Treatment - £170 for 120 mins

‍Optimum Performance Massage Therapy comprises Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and NMIT Muscle Activation

Sports Massage Therapy

A key component in helping an individual achieve optimum muscular and physical condition. Greater potential in both strength and endurance, shorter recovery times and injury prevention are all benefits of Sports Massage Therapy.

Should a soft tissue injury occur, Sports Massage Therapy can be instrumental in returning to pre-injury muscle performance.

NMIT Muscle Activation

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to compensate for muscles that do not respond as or when they should, due to an injury, incorrect posture or bad habits. This can lead to pain and inflammation in and around the joints and can also undermine joint integrity.

NMIT Muscle Activation identifies these muscles through a series of precise tests,then with an equally precise manual therapy, restores the neurological pathway that allows these muscles to work again as they should. And with specific rehabilitation exercises the pathway becomes firmly established again, meaning the body no longer has to compensate, thus enabling increased muscular output with reduced effort.