Optimal Natural Fertility

£500 each ONFA then bespoke pricing
Led By Lisa Steel + Bridget Batty
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£350 – 3 hours 10 minutes

Featuring Health Optimising VoiceAnalysis and Eductor Treatments combined

Starts with 10 minutes on the Health Optimising Cellregulation System which is included

HealthOptimising VoiceAnalysis (VA)

A voice pattern recognition system that can identify and redress unresolved emotional factors underlying ill health. It can help direct psychological therapy to the roots of the problem.

Exclusive to Health Optimising in the UK HealthOptimising VoiceAnalysis (VA) is a revolutionary voice pattern recognition system.

Using speech tone sequences and vibrations it also highlights and redresses psychological affects on the body and deep-seated behavioural and emotional patterns.

For anyone who would like support to achieve overall positive mental and emotional wellbeing and for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, sleep issues and emotional/psychological trauma.

STEP 1 – Talk or read for 5 minutes

STEP 2 – Analysis. Emotional vibrational frequency interpreted in relation to a comprehensive reference database

STEP 3 – Treatment with your unique VA audio file

STEP 4 – Take USB home. Listen daily and harmonise


We can only treat children over 7 provided they are able to sit still and read a book for 5 minutes.

Click here for more information including how it works and the health benefits


This extraordinary system can identify stress and underlying emotions, help re-instate the self regulatory capacity of the body and balance the over-stressed body system. It uses quantum energetics to help people learn how to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, treat depression and restore overall well-being.

Click here for more information including how it works and the health benefits