Oncology Symptom Support

Aliyyaa Spring Charles
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£400 for 120 minute consultation

£200 for 60 minute follow-up, £100 for 30 minute follow-up

Many people diagnosed with cancer choose to also include complementary and alternative medicine as they strive for better health and improved quality of life. Naturopathic Oncology Symptom Support combines alternative and conventional medicine to offset the intense side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, that may cause a patient to feel a loss of control over their health. Symptoms such as appetite loss, nausea, constipation,diarrhoea, and fatigue are addressed, while simultaneously supporting and boosting the immune system. For those who choose not to have chemotherapy we work closely with you to ensure the best quality of life.

Following your consultation a comprehensive bespoke Health Optimising Pathway is devised and typically includes nutrition for cancer, detoxification programs, pulsed plasma light therapy, fasting tips, mycotherapy, mistletoe therapy, the Budwig protocol, potent supplementation and other complementary and alternative techniques.