NutriGenetic Screening

With Melissa Cohen
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£395 - includes test kit, test analysis and 30 minute follow up consultation with tailored nutritional protocol.

Having NutriGenetic Screening in advance of your Optimal Health Assessment allows us to understand your personalised genetic variants so we can factor in your genetic susceptibility alongside presenting symptoms and causations.

Genetic Susceptibility is the ultimate info-metric in preventable medicine enabling your Senior Clinician to recommend a totally individual blue print for life. This empowers you to make the right supplement, nutrition and lifestyle choices which have a huge impact on your optimising your health.

The NutriGenetic Screening covers nitric oxide potential, energy and detoxification and neurotransmitter balance to support mood and sleep. The results are for life.

The genetic test involves a quick mouth swab either at home or at our Maida Vale clinic. This sample is posted to the laboratory and the results are emailed to you approximately 3 weeks from when the laboratory receives the sample.

A face to face or phone/skype consultation with Melissa is arranged to discuss your results.