HD Imaging Medical Thermography

£295 - £455
Qualified Thermographer
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HD Imaging (breast) study and report (60 mins) - £295

HD Imaging (full body – male or female) study and report (90 mins) - £455

Medical Thermogram Interpretation Consultation - Skype or Telephone - (up to 30 mins) - £150

Breast or Full Body Study Option

A full body health discovery tool, particularly beneficial for breast health. Fully trained and professional thermographers use the highest resolution camera to visually record and give a very accurate location of metabolic processes and any physiological deviations from normal temperatures and patterns. Unique software features overlayers which ensure uniform studies and accurate direct comparison between studies.

The study is analysed by full time and experienced interpreters in the USA who have reviewed thousands of thermograms using specialist software.

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Optimal Health Assessment or standalone?

The recommended first step is always an Optimal Health Assessment after which, depending on the findings, your Senior Clinician will recommend HD Imaging Thermography if necessary.

The only exception to having an OHA first is an HD Imaging Thermography Study for Breast Health which can be a standalone assessment, booked separately and with or without an Interpretation Consultation.

Who can have Medical Thermography?  

Anyone interested in maintaining good health. Any man, woman or child over 6 years old. It is also safe in pregnancy.

Breast Study – how old and how often?

We recommend an HD Imaging Breast Study for women every 5 years from 30 onwards and annually once aged over 50.

More regularly for those with abnormal mammograms or Breast Studies with a high level of concern.