Free Mind Rapid Change Therapy ‍Via Zoom

Henry Johnstone
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40 minutes of deep recharging relaxation - £100

Typically one or two sessions are needed

Usually only one session for recharge & alignment or spiritual alignment.

Usually two or three sessions for phobia clear, disordered eating or emotional unblock.

More sessions may be required if the need for deeper work is uncovered, for example, inner child work.

Free Mind Rapid Change Therapy focuses on rapid change in the three pillars of peace, power and purpose. It encourages inner healing through focus on each patient’s unique psychological, emotional and spiritual essence.


Free Mind Rapid Change Therapy can help generate greater happiness and success through self-regulation of a whole range of unwanted behaviours, phobias, difficult emotions and debilitating physical conditions.


Amazing and rapid changes have been made with Free Mind in these areas:

Overcoming anxiety

Changing unwanted habits

Overcoming past hurts and trauma

Improving self-nurture

Enhancing performance at work and on the sports field

Taking career to the next level by finding  true purpose

Revolutionising relationships at home, at work and with wider family