Ear Clear Service

Eileen Allan
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With Eileen Allan - Ear Care Technician

One ear - £40 (15 minutes); Both ears - £75 (30 minutes)

Safe and effective irrigation of excessive earwax and foreign materials

A routine procedure carried out by our Ear Care Technician, trained to use a pulsed water-jet system. This features a narrow tube connected to an electric pump and uses warm water try to move the wax and clear the ear.


Before using the Ear Clear Service

·       Please make a FREE 10 minute appointment to have your ears checked by your Patient Care Assistant

·       If ears are blocked and drum occluded,then soften the wax with olive oil for 5-7 days. This is important as hard wax cannot be irrigated.

Patients should NOT use the Ear Clear Service if:

·      The ear drum is visible full or partially

·      Previous ear surgery (excluding Grommets)

·      Any recent ear infection within the last six weeks.

·      Any recent perforation to the ears.

·       If the patient has a cleft palate.

 Click here for Guidelines which must be read and signed prior to using the Ear Clear Service.