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Programme Focus

Health Optimising Wellbeing supports your body to self-regulate and restore a balanced health status.

Guided Support

The Wellbeing Programme offers you access to an experienced Clinical Lead, together with your Patient Care Assistant.

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Health Optimising Wellbeing
6 Month Programme

Optimum mind and body treatments combined in a bespoke six month programme aimed at helping you to re-balance, re-align and re-energise.

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Indication of Types of Assessments included:

  • Mindwork – your Senior Clinician will advise between Well Mind Therapy and Empowerment Therapy
  • Quarterly Nutrition Consultations
  • A unique Health Optimising assessment/treatment which can detect stress and underlying emotions and help balance the over-stressed body system

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Indication of Types of Treatments Included:

  • Intuitive Massage Therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
  • Reiki Healing
  • Bodywork Sessions – a bespoke combination of Qigong Healing and/or Yoga Therapy