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Mind & Body connection

Experienced and personable Nutritionist and NLP Practitioner  Melissa Cohen helps you to make the mind & body connection for sustainable weight loss. A totally supportive programme helping you to reach & maintain your optimum weight.

Individual Plan & Testimonials

Using dieting history, genetic testing, food preferences & emotions around food to build an individual plan. Testimonials click here.

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Food Therapy Consultation
and DNA Diet Test

Food Therapy Consultation and DNA Diet Test - £250. 
Then fully bespoke programme.

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Food Therapy Consultation and DNA diet test

Food Therapy NLP coaching empowers patients to be in control of creating positive habits to achieve sustainable weight loss. Includes:

Personalised dietary plan that works to suit your lifestyle and taste

DNA Diet Test - including key information like carbohydrate and gluten sensitivity.

Food Therapy Follow Up - 15 minute telephone call to discuss test results

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The Food Therapy Programme

£280 for 8 weekly or bi-weekly 20 minute sessions (extendable). Skype or face to face.

To include Food Therapy goal setting, revised nutrition plans, weight and inch loss, metabolic age, fat and muscle percentage (only available for face to face consultations).