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Nurturing Natural Fertility programme with an 85% success rate*

*In our latest audit 99 of the 117 patients who chose Health Optimising Natural Fertility had a healthy baby: an 85% success rate. Of those 83 used just Natural Fertility and 16 used it to increase the probability of IVF succeeding

Why Choose Natural Fertility

Led by Naturopath and Nutritionist Bridget Batty, an experienced clinician with a passion for supporting couples to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term.

Click here for 12 good reasons why you should choose Natural Fertility.

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Natural Fertility

Cost - £800 Female (includes Full Hormone Test), £500 Male

We prefer you to complete your Full Hormone Test in order for us to have the results back in advance of your consultation. Test Details.
Based on your assessments we will advise if it is suitable for you to move on to the 6 month Natural Fertility Programme.

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Natural Fertility programmes - Female & Male

For one partner only or both partners together.

Comprehensive, fully supportive bespoke 6 month programmes only available to patients who have had a Natural Fertility Assessment.

Our mission is to make a real and sustainable difference and support the change critical to ensure optimum fertility and the best outcome.

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We aim for our Natural Fertility programmes to be as all-inclusive as possible. In addition to Natural Fertility Clinical Lead access and wraparound support they include Fertility Reviews and a range of Health Optimising Treatments to support your identified, individual needs. Free access to our Clinician OnCall Acute Same Day Service is also included

Female Natural Fertility Programme - cost & details

Male Natural Fertility Programme - cost & details