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Transformational Optimal Health Coaching with regenerative results.

A comprehensive, fully supportive Health Optimising Programme. Our mission is to make a real and sustainable difference and support the change critical to ensure the best long-term management of your health.

Start with an Optimal Health Assessment

Unique state-of-the-art full body MOT.

An all-encompassing technology based assessment giving a distinctive insight into health imbalance and what causes it.

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Health Assessment

Cost - £500
Then fully bespoke programme -price and duration confirmed following Assessment.

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Led by Lisa Steel

Our Clinical Director,who is one of the UK’s leading naturopaths with vast experience of dealing with chronic and complex cases using advanced assessment tools.

Educating people to be able to take responsibility for and optimise their own health and well being using non-invasive, natural and supportive means, is her mission.

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We aim for LifeChange to be as all-inclusive as possible. In addition to wraparound health coaching it will include Optimal Health Re-Tests, a range of Health Optimising Treatments and further Assessments all bespoke to your identified, individual needs.