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April 23, 2019

Wind Down Your Tech

Wind Down Your Tech

Wind down your tech use by at least 60 minutes before sleeping, cut the blue light out.

Keep your head clear before and after sleeping. Use a paper journal to offload and note for later.

Download app’s to adjust the colour schemes and lighting level of your computer as the sun goes down and comes up

Downgrade the lighting as you get closer to sleeping, soften the surroundings use a dimmer or even candle light

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Preferably charge your phone downstairs, away from the sanctuary of your bedroom.

Use flight mode when sleeping, you don’t need to have the buzz and beeps drawing your attention when you’re sleeping.

Use a wake-up alarm clock, mimicking the sunrise, slowly bringing you around and steadily bringing you into reality.

Don’t switch you phone on for at least 60 minutes after waking up.

If you need any further support then consider a Sleep and Stress Coaching session. More Info.