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September 17, 2019

The Holding On Is Holding You Back

The Holding On Is Holding You Back

It’s not the fear of moving that causes us so much pain, it’s the staying put that causes the problem.

It’s the inaction, the sitting inert in the fear for extended periods of time that upgrades the mental mind chatter,that intensifies the drone of frustration and eventually that turns into debilitating anxiety or depression.

By making the decision to not make a decision we hold ourselves in the state of heightened emotional sensitivity, to a point where it normalises and becomes routine. Regrettably, it appears to many of us, that this heightened state is what modern life demands of us, but his couldn’t be further from the truth.

Modern life does actually need you to be;

·      Calm not chaotic

·      Focused not frustrated

·      Strategic not stuck.

It’s hard. Everyone else’s obligation presses upon you, and the moment you turn around someone else is giving you something to do - your boss, your partner, kids, even the media with constant requests to do and buy more.

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What makes the difference? You do. You get to decide what the next action is.

 You just haven’t asked yourself the right questions to create the momentum, and anyway, it’s not the questions that are the problem, it’s the answers you need to face up to.

 But, and we say that word rarely, when you have the answers you make stronger decisions, they may not be comfortable, they will definitely provide clarity.  

 What if we were to ask you;

What are you putting effort into that’s holding you back?

What’s the next action you need to take that will positively move you forward?

What healthy experiences do you need in order to create that calm?

How would life be different when you’ve acted on these answers?

Start with small steps, make the steps regular and turn them into strides. You have a choice if you stay here, the holding on is holding you back.

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