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March 26, 2019

The Corporate 9-5

The Corporate 9-5

We support people to take the lead on their careers and create fulfilment in what they do by getting super clear on what they bring and making the most of their current environment.  We are hugely experienced in Leadership across multiple industries and multiple continents. We coach and mentor business professionals using deep questioning, pinpoint leadership tools and frameworks that positively shift the leadership landscape for individuals.

What is stress?

Stress is caused by the resistance to a current circumstance – it occurs when we see ourselves as being put under stress. By additional workloads, expectations and requests.

It is the belief that we can’t do more than we already are.

Stress isn’t the thing though, it is a symptom. It is a signal, a flag being raised, an alarm bell – it’s more than this though, it’s a roll call to pull the troops in and start getting some fixes in place, to address a current circumstance. To shift a mindset, to let go of or redirect a thinking and thought pattern.

Where it manifests

Stress is relative – stress can be as much as missing the bus to get to work or juggling 3 children, a tight deadline and a close friends marriage break up.

Stress varies from one person to the next. In all cases it manifests when we simply don’t have the mental bandwidth to cope, manage or take the lead on.

It is the quantity and level of uncertainty that we can comfortable move in and flex with that gives us a direct understanding of how much we stress.

Physical and/or emotional effects

Most people just don’t realise they are stressed, or and becoming ‘stressed out’ because it seems to be a regular, everyday occurrence.

It becomes the norm, we get asked more and more by varying people and we simply get to overwhelm and are unable to direct the energy healthily to the work we’re doing.

We wait until we get to boiling point and all the things, we’ve stuffed in to the pot and forced the lid on start to seep out the side as there’s no release valve.

The steam builds up and we get frustrated out bursts and emotional eruptions and normally at the ones we love at home because they’re the safest place for us. (Wonder why your children break down when both parents are in the room or when they get home from school, safe spaces)

The other end of the spectrum, the steam does release. Normally through practices of self-medication – alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, high risk or inappropriate sexual activity. We vent in such a way to numb our way through the emotions.

But, like anything where the steam is released, the contents boils down. The emotional reduction turns into a coagulated mess of tolerance and acceptance and things that simply don’t spark joy in what you’re doing.

The job we do loses interest, we do just enough to get by and wonder why we get over looked for promotions and new exciting opportunities.

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Why or how coaching helps with stress.

Coaching helps to re prioritise what it is we do. Gives a viewpoint to reschedule and shift the label from “I am stressed” to “I have some stress that I need to understand and redirect”

We can go back in and see what is causing the ‘stress’ objectively. We can harness that energy to find out what is meaningful and purposeful in our daily activities.

And in doing so find out why we become stressed, we can then redirect this and begin to understand how we line the challenges up in such away that they support healthy, professional growth.

Just like being in a Gym, we build steps that create incremental steps to lifting heavier weights. We don’t jump from 5 kilos to 50 overnight.

We ensure mental and emotional form and integrity are in place –again, the same as the physical analogy this helps us lift heavier and cleaner immediately.

Then we can add more to the lift capability. We remove the stress because you’ll actually be excitedly seeking out the challenges to grow the muscle.

The results of receiving coaching on stress

Coaching helps us to isolate the things that create pride in our work and in seeing what has happened in the past we can create more of that in the future and if we’re pursuing this – we can eliminate the stress, we can shift the perspective to embracing the challenges and healthily stretch the bandwidth to incorporate and include more in what and how we do.

And, if we’re doing this – increasing our capacity, growing our capabilities and doing it with a sense of excitement and a desire to grow ourselves and those around us.

The result is we get given new opportunities and, in some cases, a new job can be a definite, healthy side effect of this.

What is guaranteed is a sense of fulfilment in what you do. We remove the stress and replace it with appreciated challenge, because without the challenge nothing changes.

Nathan Simmonds, Health Optimising Team Coach