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March 26, 2019

Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness

Transformational Life Coaching will help you to make changes and navigate the complexities of modern-day life. Life is consistently in motion, with a variety of difficult challenges and decisions to make, meaning it is easy to become lost within the noise of your life. Coaching helps to gain personal clarity, explores all aspects of life and sustain a vision of the future that will bring abundance, improved health, purpose,balance, and fulfilment.

Our Transformational Life Coach Alex Hope says “I think of stress as ‘pressure’ - If we apply enough pressure to any worldly object it will inevitably break. Stress is a feeling. Stress is mental and physical in its manifestation. If you’re operating from a place of stress, it’s unlikely that you’re functioning well, if at all.”  

Stress symptoms are often reported as Low Energy, Headaches, Pains in the body, Irritability, Difficulty Sleeping, Low Mood, A Sense of Overwhelm and Anxiety.

Stress can trigger a variety of mental and emotional challenges and it isn’t uncommon for people to self-medicate via a number of different coping strategies, such as:

Substance Misuse

Overeating / Diet Restriction




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People are put under a tremendous amount of pressure, whether it be day to day stress, or coming to terms with traumatic events. The demands of your job, the overwhelming chores to complete, the fallout from challenging relationships, it adds up. How does your mind, body and soul react when your boss calls you into his office, gives you more work to complete and forgets to praise you for the hard work on last weeks completed project?

The world is largely geared up for high speed, often the situations we find ourselves in can feel impersonal, the “to-do” lists can seem unrealistic and the daily interactions we encounter can leave us distracted.

Coaching gives you the space to explore the root causes of your stress. Helping you to tune in to your inner resourcefulness to find solutions in managing your day to day stress symptoms.

Coaching promotes a deeper understanding and clarity of your person specific stress factors. To reduce stress in your life leads to improved relationships, improved sense of well being, the confidence to focus on challenges and increased productivity.

The goal through managing stress is improved health and lifestyle.  

Alex Hope, Health Optimising Coaching Team