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March 26, 2019

Simplifying Stress

Simplifying Stress

Coaching is for you if your limiting beliefs are holding you back from the life you want.

Ultimately stress is a physiological response to psychological stimuli. Meaning stress is your body responding to what you are thinking about. If you think stressful thoughts, then you will feel stressed. Now that may sound like an oversimplification, and it is. But this oversimplified approach allows us to view stress with a clear perspective, without becoming lost in it.

Two people can experience the exact same situation, in the same place, with the same people, and have two completely different reactions. One could become very stressed and anxious, while the other remains calm and collected. So, we can assume that stress does not come directly from the experience itself. What you label as ‘Stressful’ may be mundane or even pleasant for someone else.

The process being experienced and how we feel is from how we think. Now although it may seem difficult to control how we feel at times; we can always be in chargeof how we think. So, stress is a physiological response.

It is your body getting ready to take ACTION. Fight or flight. Well in today’s world, physical threat isn’t as common as it was for our cave dwelling ancestors. We don’t necessarily need to fight anything or run away to survive, yet our bodies don’t know the difference. This is where reactions such as panic attacks occur. It is the body’s physical reaction to a threat that isn’t there. We may not need to throw a punch or sprint away, but the chances are we do need to take some kind of action.

Stress tends to occur in the moments before action. When action is demanded of you, but you are not taking it for whatever reason. We can say that stress comes from things like Overwhelm, Pressure, Worry, Fear and Pain, but in our experience of working with people experiencing stress, it can all be tracked back to a single belief.

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Whether the stress is at work, at home, in a relationship, or family, the source of the stress is always the same. It comes from us. No one, and nothing can make you feel a certain way. Only what you think about it. It can be hard but dealing with stress starts with taking responsibility.

From there we can start a shift in belief. All stress, both big and small, originates from the belief that ‘I can’t handle this’. That’s it. Again, may be an oversimplification, but think about it. Think about a time you were stressed and think about what the real reason was for the stress. Now ask yourself,would you have felt the same way if you believed you could handle it?

Self-belief is a powerful skill. We say skill because, although you can be born with it, you can also learn it. It can be trained, practiced, and improved. Coaching can help support people through this process, guiding them the become better. By improving ourselves and increasing self-belief, we can reduce stress. Sometimes challenges occur,things go wrong, life gets difficult, but you CAN handle it. Since you were born you’ve gone through them, and guess what, you’re still here. If you don’t think you can, and the stress still occurs, remember you don’t have to go at it alone. Get a coach and start getting better. Start becoming better.

Fil Biggs

Health Optimising CoachingTeam