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March 28, 2019

Quantum Medicine

Quantum Medicine

Quantum Medicine

A great insight into how Health Optimising actually works

Based on the teachings of the late Dr. John Kelsey, BE, PhD, an Engineer who became a Counsellor, Naturopath and Energy Field Healer & Trainer and who helped to inspire the formation of Health Optimising UK


Quantum Medicine is the method by which we communicate with the body at the cell level using electromagnetic frequencies or by reading and reprogramming the subconscious. Every cell in the body has a resonant frequency and every organ or function in the body has therefore a frequency spectrum. The brain reads all the resonance-frequencies coming from the body, and these change whenever there is a problem or illness.

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Normally the brain should then send frequencies back to the area which starts the process of reparation, however in today’s world with so many challenges that the body is not constructed to tolerate like electromagnetic radiation or poor nutrition the brain is unable to do a proper job.

The challenges are so great that we have to help the brain by triggering the different areas of the body using Quantum Medical treatment machines. These send an electromagnetic frequency within the same frequency spectrum that the brain should have sent to solve the problem. These machines can send the same frequencies in a much stronger wave, and we can thus get far faster and better results.

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