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June 12, 2019

Momentum Key To Treat Depression

Momentum Key To Treat Depression

Depression treatment needs a holistic, multifaceted approach. Natural Supplements, Therapy,  Work Support, Counselling and more recently Coaching.

The Difference? Coaching is about the future & Therapy the past. Counselling sits somewhere in between the two.

Coaching brings momentum into the holistic model for depression treatment.


A person who suffers depressive episodes is likely to feel stuck, unable to move forward.

The Coach sits in the non-therapeutic space where action toward achievable goals happens.


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Be it to attend all Coaching sessions, walk, shower, dress, cook healthily, attend a family function. These type of events can be a huge deal. A Coach creates a supportive space to explore new ways of thinking, new approaches and on occasion re-frame limiting beliefs.

In that way small achievable goals can be set and achieved, whilst momentum is built and moving forward becomes a reality.

Life Coaching is the first step to powerful and meaningful change. Henry and his experienced team cover the whole UK & run their sessions either in person or through scheduled Skype or Zoom calls.