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May 22, 2019

Men's Health & Wellness

Men's Health & Wellness

Men’s Health & Wellness has become a big topic of conversation. In recent years it is certainly trying to muscle its way in and take a slice of the wellness industry pie; which up until now has been mainly female oriented.

However, any media discussion on Men’s Health tends to focus on a superficial level of wellness.

·       How to be bigger; better; brighter and shinier than your competition!

·       Be at the Top of Your Game in work and life!

·       How to get a 6 pack!

·       The best facial grooming kits!

·       New anti-aging treatments for men!

·       What to wear; where and who best to hang out with!

The underlying message being that if you can succeed at all of that; you will have more chance to attract a suitable partner and live an amazing life!

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We need to take a reality check and look deeper into this as Men are so much more than their outward appearance.

·       Men are suffering just as much with mental health issues; anxiety; depression and lack of confidence.

·       Skin ailments – such as eczema; psoriasis and acne.

·       Digestive disorders - halitosis [bad breath];heartburn; indigestion.

·       Weight issues; body image concerns, some experience body dysmorphia.

·       Concerns over heredity diseases including Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

·       Sexual dysfunction; loss of libido and related confidence.

 Often Men are unsure where to start; they may not feel comfortable discussing their health with friends and family; and are therefore unsure where to go and seek help.

It’s important to feel safe and supported in discussing concerns; and then being given empowering advice to take action and make changes to health and lifestyle, tailored to the individual.

During Men’s Health Week there is no better time to reach out, ask for help, gather information and guidance; and ultimately take control over your health and wellness.

If any of this has resonated with you and you would like to discuss improving your health to live an Optimal Life then we are here. Your Health Optimising team of experienced practitioners will guide and support you on your wellness journey and offer you unique leading-edge therapies to restore balanced health. Please get in touch!