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March 26, 2019

Good Stress, Bad Stress

Good Stress, Bad Stress

It’s important to recognise what is good about stress and what is bad about stress.

Good stress is being given a challenge and responding by feeling excited! Pumped! Ready for anything!

Bad stress is the opposite. This is when we feel stressed, under pressure, overwhelmed even irritable.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could feel excited every time we received a challenge?

How do I know if I’m experiencing bad stress?

Have you been given a large workload recently?

Have you got course work deadlines?

Have got a lot of work and family commitments?

Do you experience panic and think: “How am I going to do this in time?”

You’re experiencing bad stress.

This is where the problems occur. We become laser focused, we can be laser focused on doing what we have to do or laser focused on avoiding what we have to do. Either way too much laser focus means we forget the most important part of being efficient. 


When we are out of balance the knock-on effects are but not limited to:

Fatigue - “I’m too exhausted”

Irritability - “I wish they’d leave me alone”

Overwhelm - “I can’t do this”

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How Life Coaching helps

Receiving coaching for managing stress provides you with the tools you need to get the balance back.

The process is straightforward and rather than huge changes it actually only requires small tweaks to your daily life.


The most effective ways we help our clients to combat stress are through:


Realistic goal setting - Set goals that are realistic,ones that emphasise achievability.


Time management - Create realistic time frames to achieve your goals, allowing for maximum productivity and downtime.


Self-love - Find time exclusively for you, even 5 minutes of alone time will help reduce stress levels.


This simple and hugely effective approach isincredibly useful especially if you are:


A student preparing for exams


A working parent balancing work and family


Henry Johnstone

Health Optimising Coaching Lead