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April 23, 2019

Coaching To Achieve Optimal Health

Coaching To Achieve Optimal Health

Coaching at Health Optimising will help you to identify:


●      Motivation - What sits behind your goals, what inspires you to lead a healthier lifestyle? We can use our motivations to push us forward, it’s a useful technique to look upon during times of resistance and self doubt. It serves to remind us why we want to change. Discovering what motivates us has the power to break the bonds of lethargy and fear.


●      Habits - Working closely with a coach can often help you to explore subconscious habits that are having negative impacts on the way you live your life. Coaching will help you see links between behaviours & thoughts and support you to explore ways in which you can implement positive habits.


●      Accountability - Someone to hold you accountable (non judgmentally) for the actions you say you want to take.Working with a coach will also help you to develop your own personal accountability and motivation. A coach will help you to cement your learning as you move forward and keep you on track as you work with Health Optimising to improve your health.  


●      Goals - Working towards SMART health targets and goals will provide us with a sense of purpose,something that we want to achieve, and in turn this often prompts us to get into action. This also helps us to self motivate and to achieve bigger goals on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle as we are stimulated to continue achieving. In addition to this you will develop your own sense of how you can handle challenges.

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●      Change - Coaching will help you peel back and observe the layers, the old roles that have accumulated over a period of time and are no longer serving you in healthy ways. A coach may ask, “Who do you need to be in order to see the changes you want?” When we continue to do what we have always done, the returns will be what they have always been, we remain the same with little to no change. It’s often necessary to adopt a different role when addressing the changes that we want to see in ourselves. Working together with a coach will help you find what that role is, as well as the subsequent changes you’d like to see yourself making.    


●      Vision - It can be difficult, particularly in today's fast paced driven society, to see ourselves and ultimately see the choices that will help us sustain our health. The role that coaching plays here is offering up another point a view, another set of eyes and eyes on your world that will help you to make informed choices. It’s important to remember that a coaches perspective isn't necessarily the ‘right’perspective but a way to view things from a different angle, in turn this creates more opportunity for change.  


Working directly with a coach at Health Optimising will put you firmly in the driving seat, as you work towards sustained and improved health.  More Info