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April 23, 2019

Brain Tricks To Tackle Stress

Brain Tricks To Tackle Stress

Given the incredible ability of the human brain to replay and relive previous events and also its capability to imagine what's to come we have to be super mindful of our ability to produce the same chemicals in just thinking about it as if it were the real deal.  Our thinking generates emotions which release hormones through the body.

This is one of the reasons ‘Stress’ causes this disruption.Replaying events over and over continually disturbs the Adrenal Gland/Cortisol/ Melatonin/ Pineal Gland balance and stops sleep from happening.

Stress also has a nasty ability to disrupt healthy thinking and action.

As a result of the increased pressure we may seek external alternatives to improve outcomes and/or create distractions. Extra coffee to keep us going longer. Alcohol to wind down. Sugary snacks…and anything else that keeps us working harder and longer but stimulates further challenges to sleep patterns and quality. Even if you do make it to sleep, it just won’t be restorative.

The best thing to do – deal with the root cause of the stress.

Life is very much one singular action at a time building to lots and lots of singular actions. What we focus on, magnifies. Where we put our attention intensifies.

When we can regulate the pressures, we are experiencing and take the lead on our stress we can increase our ability to rest, regenerate and reactivating the body’s self-healing ability – mentally and physically

Use questions to focus your stress

Do you have a worry in your life - yes/no?

Can you actually do anything about it – yes/no?

If you can, take action. What’s there to stress about?

If you can’t, then what’s there to stress about?

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Question yourself regularly – whatever it is, is it in my control?

The idiot and their inability to park right up against the end of the double yellow lines

People walking slowly on the tube station platform whilst texting their friends

The football results

The bus being late…

Whatever it is, can you do anything about it?

It’s not always that simple. Sometimes it is the pending hearing with HR, the diagnosis from the doctor

Sometimes it is bigger, sometimes we have to get greater support to move us forward – this seeking of help is the action we can take and the control we still have to look after ourselves in challenging and volatile situations.

If it feels too big, get support.

When we off load ‘stuff’ beyond our control we can sleep much, much better. Optimal Health has to start at home, you have to seek a healthy intervention that stimulates your own capacity to self-regulate, rest and recharge - fully.

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