Optimal Health Re-Test

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Demonstrate Improvement

We recommend Optimal Health Re-Tests throughout the treatment plan to demonstrate improvement and to highlight where work is still required.

Senior Clinicians

OH Re-Tests are with Senior Clinicians who are fully trained and experienced Medical Doctors, Naturopaths or Nutritionists qualified to assess and describe the root causes of illness and guide patients through effective Health Optimising Treatment Pathways. They are caring and compassionate experts in their field who all share the same optimal healthcare vision.

Recording & Reporting

We will upload recommendations and full prescriptions/ protocols in the Patient Hub. You may also wish to also record findings and/or note additional observations made by your Clinician in your OH Re-Test - please come prepared to do that.

We keep your OH Re-Test technical results. We can provide OH Re-Test findings. There will be a charge of £75 to cover preparation time.

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