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Jessica creates beautifully simple food which tastes delicious and helps you to feel fantastic.

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The Nutritional Chef

Jessica also offers workshops and sessions featuring in depth food education and meal planning to support health goals and dietary needs.

Digestive Health
Double Consultation

The initial Digestive Health Consultation will provide dietary advice and supplementation prescription and possible treatments.
The Nutritional Chef Consultation then offers practical advice and support for meals and meal planning according to individual needs.

Cost - £300

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Food as Medicine

A therapeutic approach to food as medicine is offered by our Nutritional Therapy Team who apply the science of nutrition to develop specifically tailored nutrition plans and support.

Additionally our Nutritional Therapists focus on how food affects the structure and the function of our brains and ultimately our mood, emotions and behaviours.


Learn from the best. We offer a range of workshops designed to help you with meal planning and to inspire you to cook delicious meals.