Health Optimising London
What we offer

Specialist Assessments and Therapies in London

Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Therapy

With David Thunder

Functional Medicine Consultation

With Melissa Cohen

Life Coaching in London

With Henry Johnstone and team


With Bridget Batty

Integrative Naturopathy

With Aliyyaa Spring-Charles

Digestive Health Consultation

With Melissa Cohen and Jessica Andersson

Medical Herbalism

With Natasha Kazarina

Energy Psychology

With Adrian Dickinson

London Nutritional Therapy

With Bridget Batty or Melissa Cohen

Medical Acupuncture

With Dr. Selwyn Dexter

Nutritional Chef Consultation

With Jessica Andersson

Bespoke Cookery Consultation

With Jessica Andersson

Nutritional Chef Mini Consultation

With Jessica Andersson


With Bridget Batty

Private GP Consultation

With Dr. Selwyn Dexter