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Optimal Health Assessment / Re-Test

A unique state-of-the-art analysis with a Senior Clinician. Using FDA approved gold standard technologies. Quite simply one of the most comprehensive health assessments available.

All-encompassing technology-based assessment is the core of the Health Optimising concept: determining what is not functioning correctly and why. Health imbalance is usually caused by a combination of underlying factors that cannot be completely fixed unless all the primary and most of the secondary causative factors are uncovered and resolved.

We assess these causative factors plus trigger factors which initiate the problem’s development; and aggravating factors which make the problem worse. Health Optimising Clinics specialise in a full combination of hi-tech assessments to measure nearly 20,000 important parameters.

Our Optimal Health Assessment is a comprehensive analysis of the most important health factors, combining enough of them to map homeostasis and test how the foundational processes of the human organism are functioning.

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Additional Assessments

Following your Optimal Health Assessment we may also recommend other testing methodologies to calculate further factors and correlate the data to uncover causative relationships. These methodologies could include NutriGenetic Screening, Energy Psychology or our gold standard Gut Function Test. These assessments will be agreed with you, booked later and charged additionally.

Each measurement is a piece of an immense, totally individual health-jigsaw puzzle, which gives an overall picture of the health status. Only then can we make qualified decisions about which treatment combination to recommend. The aim always being to move away from symptom suppression and towards Optimal Health through achieving better physiological balance and improving functional self-regulatory mechanisms.

The assessments also give directives on which lifestyle changes are most necessary to prevent health-problems. Additionally, they provide an opportunity to track the effects of treatments and lifestyle changes through visual graphs. All of our technologies for assessing the principal physiological functions are FDA 510K-registered medical devices and have equivalent medical registration in most countries.