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What makes Health Optimising Unique?

Health Optimising Clinics utilise the most advanced technologies to treat the factors identified through your Optimal Health Assessment. We have a wealth of experience as to which combination of treatments gives optimal results in the fastest time. Health Optimising Clinics demonstrate time and again that chronic and incurable diseases can often be resolved by people’s intrinsic self-regulatory mechanisms, with help of the right combination of hi-tech treatments and lifestyle coaching.

Only Health Optimising Clinics have the full combination of technologies and the methodology to combine them to achieve outstanding results, ensuring an exceptional health service.

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Your Optimal Health Treatment Pathway

This first addresses your main underlying causative factors responsible for the reasons why health challenges developed in the first place. We also aim to resolve secondary factors and indirect aggravating factors to achieve the quickest and best results possible.

Then the focus is to stimulate your intrinsic self-regulatory mechanisms

Health problems develop when the sum of underlying causations, trigger factors and aggravating factors is larger than the intrinsic capacity for dealing with them. An adaptation to the problems then develops, and through this adaptation the intrinsic mechanisms stop trying to resolve the problem.

We have a breakthrough technology that can stimulate the specific intrinsic mechanisms needed to resolve health challenges, using signals which are bioidentical to those that the brain uses to stimulate the same mechanisms before the challenges are adapted to. The end goal is to help the body's own mechanisms fully create and maintain homeostasis and good health.

Types of Treatment Technologies

Here are a few examples of treatment technologies, which vary by clinic – click here for more treatment technologies and more in-depth information.

Health Optimising Cell Regulator: stimulates the exchange of sodium and potassium ions, thus upregulating mitochondrial activity. This improves the cellular function and energy.

Pulsed Plasma Light technology: destroys microorganisms through a resonance effect with their molecular movements.

A technology for stimulating dendrite activity in the brain, thus enabling better processing of information, as well as improving many other brain functions.

Several technologies for local stimulation of injury/wound healing: give the potential to speed up the recovery time threefold, and to complete the healing of old injuries.

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