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Clinic Team

About the London Clinical Team

We have taken great care to employ caring and compassionate healthcare specialists who are friendly and excellent at communicating with patients. We share a passion for being at the frontier of the emerging field of technology-based medicine and solving health challenges.

For Optimal Health Assessments and Re-Tests you will see a Senior Clinician (SC). These practitioners will be naturopathic or medical doctors or senior nurses.

For other Assessments and Treatments you will be cared for by a Clinician or a Patient Care Assistant (PCA). These Patient Care Assistants will be therapists, nurses or health care workers..

Therapies and Services are offered by experts in their field who all share the same optimal healthcare vision.

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Senior Clinicians and Clinicians

Lisa Steel ND

Clinical Director and Naturopath

One of the UK’s leading naturopathic physicians

Lisa is the Clinical Director, responsible for setting the direction and principles of Health Optimising UK and inspiring the team.

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Dr. Priti Thakkar

Naturopath (BNYS) and Yoga Therapist

Dr. Priti earned her Medical Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy from India and was awarded a Gold Medal for academic excellence. She further specialised in Nutrition, Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine at CNM College, London. She has been practicing for over 11 years and also offers her services at a UK Registered Charity treating clients of different ages with a range of health concerns.

Dr. Priti’s Naturopathic care addresses the root cause of health problems, incorporating both traditional and modern Natural Therapies and treatment modalities. She offers an individualised, holistic approach including lifestyle and dietary changes, home remedies and much more to assist the body in returning to a healthy balanced state. Yoga in a therapeutic approach is her specialisation.

Catia Soares  BSc MSc MBANT CNHC

Psychologist, Master in Forensic Psychology and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Catia has worked in the statutory and voluntary sector for the last 10 years delivering one-to-one and group therapy, counselling and psychosocial support to people with enduring mental health issues, entrenched substance use and history of homelessness, abuse and offending behaviour. 

She further specialised in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy at CNM College London to enrich her work with clients and combine her two passions: Psychology and Nutrition. 

Catia has always been passionate about supporting patients to lead more a fulfilling and happier life. She offers integrated mind, nutritional and lifestyle support for patients who want to achieve optimum health through positive emotional & mental well being which may include anxiety and depression, recovery from alcohol/drug dependency or disordered eating.

She works holistically, incorporating the principles of humanistic psychology, trauma informed psychotherapy, compassionate focused therapy and naturopathy.

Bridget Batty - ND BHSc (Nat) MANP

Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist

Bridget completed her BHSc degree at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Australia, where she was guided by Melbourne’s leading clinical naturopaths and nutritionists.
A warm and vibrant Clinician, Bridget respects each patient’s individuality as key to the success of their Health Optimising Plan. She is passionate about a holistic, individualised and integrated approach to healthcare.

Aliyyaa Spring-Charles ND BSc (Hons) MRN MCHNC

Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist

Aliyyaa is the founder of Hope Spring Clinic based in Hertfordshire, an internationally known Registered Naturopath and President of the General Council of Registered Naturopaths and the British Naturopathic Association.  

Drawing on the fields of Western complementary medicine and naturopathic medicine, Aliyyaa integrates these models for the promotion of well-being, prevention and treatment of dis-ease. She combines her multi-disciplinary approach with the latest breakthroughs in functional medicine, laboratory testing and evidence-based research. This integrative treatment approach is in complete harmony with Health Optimising and has proven hugely successful in treating a broad cross-section of patients with complex illnesses and conditions in the UK and across the world.

Jessica Andersson BSc (Hons) mBANT CNHC 

Nutritional Therapist and Chef

Jessica is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, experienced chef and recipe developer. She has a regular food and nutrition blog as well as writing features and recipes for a range of websites and publications. She specialises in the low FODMAP diet and helping to support people requiring individualised diets for a number of health conditions including coeliac, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, low weight and weight loss, working both with families and individuals.

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Patient Care Assistants

Wenche Johannessen

Nurse and Phlebotomist (Norway)

Wenche is calm, caring and experienced Patient Care Assistant, dedicated to ensuring that patients have the best experience throughout their health optimising treatments.
She has worked with a range of patients including cancer care. Her breadth of experience includes running labs and assisting doctors in hospitals, general practice and specialist medical clinics.

Gaynor Martin

Registered Nurse RN

Gaynor is an experienced Registered Nurse specialising in renal nursing. She worked for ten years in dialysis, ITU and the transplant unit where she set up and ran Consultant Clinics and offered a Home Care Service to teach and assist patients with their treatment. More recently she has been working in the fields of respiratory and infectious diseases in both the NHS and private hospital settings.

Gaynor is excited about being part of the Health Optimising Clinical Team. She welcomes the opportunity to gain new understanding of what is possible and enjoy a career at the forefront of new technology based medicine.

Raffi Dyer BA

Patient Care Assistant

Raffi completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology whilst on a full athletic scholarship at the University of Oregon. During this time she experienced the importance of nutrition and naturopathy to maintain peak performance. After graduating she began training as a Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath and will qualify this year.

Raffi joined Health Optimising at its foundation and facilitates a number of treatments at the clinic. With her warm nature and caring manner, she works hard to make sure that the client feels supported on their health optimising journey. 

Associate Clinicians

Natasha Kazarina MSc (Western Herbal Medicine), PGDip (Naturopathic Nutrition), NIMH, CPP.

Medical Herbalist and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Natasha is a part of a family where herbalism has been practiced for many generations, and she herself has more than 30 years’ experience. She is a practicing Medical Herbalist and completed her MSc at the University of Middlesex. She practices a combination of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal medicine. She has also studied Endobiogenic Endocrinology, Naturopathy and Nutrition. Natasha believes that an individual, therapeutic and deeply humanistic approach is the best way to empower her patients. Her non-invasive, holistic treatments perfectly complement the Health Optimising approach.

Henry Johnstone

Coach and Empowerment Therapist

Henry is a Coach, Empowerment Therapist, Mentor and Podcaster who is passionate about helping people transform their lives. He knows that life can throw unexpected
challenges our way, and movement forward can often seem the most impossible task.

Henry believes one thing above all others: “You are more powerful than you know”.

He coaches because he believes in the power that we all have within us to create something truly special from our lives. Henry coaches people through exploring
their vision for life, and helps them transform not only their lives but every facet of their mindset and belief system. He is a highly intuitive coach and creates non-judgemental, powerful and transformative spaces where people feel empowered to be bold, fearless and dynamic in their transformation.

When not coaching Henry can be found on his podcast "The Inner Warrior" where he interviews inspirational people about how they completely transformed their

Dr. Ying Cheng, PhD

Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor

Dr Ying is a graduate of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has more than 10-years of experience in acupuncture and herbal medicine, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of chronic conditions including IVF & Fertility, PCOS, Menopause, Insomnia, Stress & Anxiety, Digestive & Respiratory Diseases and Skin problems.

She also has great success with Trigger Point Therapy for Musculoskeletal pain, Spinal and Back pain and other pain symptoms including cancer pain.

Dr Ying also treats patients with bespoke Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and her breadth of skills are the perfect complement to Health Optimising.

Loulla Antoniou

Clinical Thermographer, Homeopathic Bioregulatory Medical Therapist and Aesthetic Practitioner

Loulla is a graduate in Homeopathic Medicine and leading practitioner in Homeopathic Bioregulatory Medicine and Bio-puncture and Homotoxicology.

She has wide experience in these fields enabling her to offer teacher training in Homeopathic & Aesthetic Mesotherapy & Homeopathic Therapeutic Bio-puncture.

Loulla is also a Certified Clinical Thermographer and will be offering HD Imaging Medical Thermography to Health Optimising patients.

Her passion for beauty from within and wide ranging gifts significantly expand our Natural Beauty offering.

She is a Certified Aesthetic Practitioner in dermal fillers and Aesthetic Mesotherapy and also offers Notox (Natural Botox)

Loulla is registered with these professional associations - ARH, CMA, IAMT, NAANT,The Society of Homotoxicology and Anti-Homotox GB