The Heidelberg Test

With Qualified Practitioners

£300 for 120 minute test

The Gold Standard Test for all digestive problems. A non-invasive measurement of fasting stomach acidity level and HCL gastric acid production. The Heidelberg Test also measures stomach emptying function, worm production and pylori function.

An in-clinic procedure using a pH capsule, the Heidelberg Test does not require the trauma or discomfort of sedation or endoscopy. The results of the Heidelberg Test are available as soon as it is complete.

Most digestive problems start in the stomach. Food intolerances usually occur because food is not sufficiently broken down in the stomach. As a consequence the stomach must constrict more tightly to drain, generating excess stomach acid which results in symptoms like heartburn and sore throats.

The Heidelberg Test provides an overview of what needs to be resolved to get the stomach and digestion to work efficiently.

It is for the assessment of digestive problems like intolerance to certain foods or acid reflux.

Or symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, bloating or excess gas.

PLEASE NOTE; You are required to fast for 10 hours before taking this test

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