Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Therapy

£30 per blood draw
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With David Thunder

Initial Consultation - Integrated movement analysis, body work, acupuncture & coaching - 75 mins - £415

We aim to break the need from clinical dependency and ultimately empower you to not need us. We do this by taking a thorough consultation aimed at understanding your unique physical journey. Your initial consultation will include a full functional movement analysis, gait (walking) analysis and hands on body scan. The aim is to find the primary cause(s) of your presenting symptoms - from here a diagnosis is made and we determine the best course of action. This will most likely involve some hands on therapy including acupuncture followed by an exercise protocol to re-educate your nervous system. You will leave with a clear understanding of your next action steps and will have one follow-up video call to discuss your progress and keep you on track.


Standard Consultation - Integrated body work and rehabilitation - 60 mins - £285

By combining body work and movement re-education we can help your nervous system re-learn optimal movement whilst also addressing pain. This accelerates the bodies own healing mechanisms and allows you to return to your normal lifestyle or sport as quickly as possible whilst also addressing the underlying factors that led you to pain in the first place.


Express Consultation - Integrated body work - 30 mins - £150

An intensive movement analysis and bodywork session aimed at primarily addressing pain and advice on your next steps. Sometimes we just need to be out of pain and this intensive 30 minute session encompasses treatment based on a concise movement analysis and a focus on symptom reduction with advice on the possible causes of your chief complaint.


Movement Re-Education Packages - minimum 6 sessions - from £1500

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Bespoke Programmes - POA

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David Thunder

David has over 25 years of clinical experience with a unique ‘3D' approach to the patients he works with. He has become known for his razor sharp diagnostic skills and ability to inspire confidence. 100% of David’s business is through word of mouth referral which says it all. He has travelled all over the world to work with some amazing people, from celebrities and royalty to elite dancers, athletes and children.

He provides patients with quality care and helps them out of pain. Then educates them, helping navigate confusing and often conflicting healthcare information. Providing patients instead with simple but powerful information that can be easily implemented, alongside tools to explore their physical potential. 

David works as a team with Mike Antonaides, one of the UK’s most “Innovative Coaches and Rehabilitation Specialists”. Together they empower optimal health and movement for optimum performance in life and sport.

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