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Coaching helps to clear out emotional and motivational blocks and self-limiting beliefs, that keep you from the life you want, the life you deserve and fully optimised emotional and physical health.
Henry and his team creates tailored programmes for each of their clients, concentrating on an area of their life that they feel they are most lacking in.
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Initial Consultation

The first step to powerful and meaningful change. Henry and his experienced team cover the whole of the UK and run their sessions either in person or through scheduled Skype or Zoom calls.

Cost - £115 (50 mins)

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Easy to understand

We provide you with the tools you need to get balance back. This actually only requires small tweaks to your daily life:

  • Realistic goal setting - Set goals that emphasise achievability.
  • Time management - Create realistic time frames allowing for maximum productivity and downtime.
  • Self-love - Find time exclusively for you, even 5 minutes of alone time will help reduce stress levels.

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