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Weight Management using metabolic balance®

A personalised 3-month Weight Management Programme

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Based on metabolic balance®

Supports you in increasing your vital energy and helps your body burn fat as you move towards your weight loss goals. metabolic balance® creates change in your physiology, behaviour, and appearance, which in turn creates improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence.

Unique Programme is designed especially for you

No two programmes are the same. It is based on sensible eating patterns and clean nutrient-rich wholefoods (no diet foods or shakes). You will naturally diminish cravings and attune to healthy signals of hunger and lose fat and weight quickly, inspiring you to stick with your eating plan.

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We offer a No cost, No obligation Discovery Call

A 3-month personalised programme with our qualified metabolic balance® Coach, Alethia Lee. Cost £1650.

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Helping people lose weight naturally

Metabolic balance® has been helping more than 1 million people around the world naturally lose weight for over 25-years. People like Myriam who says “The initial investment may seem high but you’re investing in your life and it more than pays for itself……I’m now 5.5 stones lighter and the weight hasn’t piled back on’

What is included

Our metabolic balance® programme includes a comprehensive blood test analysis, 6 sessions in the clinic or online (or a combination of both) covering assessment, planning, preparation, and coaching. We also offer online weekly weigh-ins via the metabolic balance® app and weekly text support from your Coach to keep motivated and on track.