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The gut biome and mental health

Personalised Nutritional Assessment (PNA) featuring a unique Gut Biome test

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The gut-brain axis

The stomach has its own brain - the enteric nervous system aka “the second brain” responsible for co-ordinating and managing our digestive functions with input and feedback from the brain and central nervous system, via the vagus nerve. These neural links to a variety of brain regions are associated with processing and regulating mood, emotions, stress, and hunger which explains how the gastrointestinal microbiome can impact, and potentially cause, anxiety and depression.

Personalised Nutritional Assessment (PNA)

The PNA is your individualised route to optimum wellness, giving access to one of the new, exciting, and innovative trends in health and wellbeing, Nutrigenetics, or Lifestyle Medicine. Increasingly, important priorities today are optimum health, a robust immune system, and long-term strategies to ameliorate degenerative disease, especially the modern epidemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease, pandemic viruses, and cancer.

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We offer a No cost, No obligation Discovery Call

Four tests, a one-hour consultation, a comprehensive Nutritional Health Report and your Personal Therapeutic Food Planner. London Clinic.

‍Cost £695

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We also have a shorter Optimal Nutrition Consultation available. It does not feature any tests.

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Thorough Investigation Using Four Tests

Our unique Gut Biome test with samples taken at 3 different times rather than just a single snapshot. Our IgG/IgE Food Antibody assessment measures antibodies to 87 commonly consumed foods and 19 of the most allergenic foods. Also, a Blood Type test and the Nutritional Profiler using OligoScan assessment which provides an analysis of your mineral, toxin, and heavy metal status.

Mental Health Support

If needed we may also recommend a follow up Well Mind Assessment featuring Health Optimising VoiceAnalysis (VA), a revolutionary voice pattern recognition system. Using speech tone sequences and vibrations it identifies and has the capacity to redress unresolved emotional factors, psychological effects on the body, and deep-seated behavioural and emotional patterns using your unique VA Sound File which is programmed to your own emotional resonance.