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Optimal Weight Plan

A unique online weight management plan

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You know the answer, but your mind stops you

Weight loss is simple! You already know the answer. Eat right, Eat less, Be more active. But something is stopping you from doing that. It’s your mind. The solution is our unique Optimal Weight Plan featuring revolutionary VoiceAnalysis (VA) to rebalance the emotional factors driving your unhelpful eating patterns and learn to develop the mind-body connection to reach your "happy weight" and maintain it for life.

Optimal Weight Management

Our unique online Optimal Weight Plan features VoiceAnalysis (VA) using Sound Therapy, regular contact with our Mind Team, alongside a range of healthy recipes, exercise programmes, and weight loss education, to challenge bad habits and implement a healthy weight loss mindset. You will be invited onto the course via our online platform, Mighty Networks, and you can get started whenever it suits you. You can track your progress using our partner app Lose it! which allows us to monitor remotely how you are getting on and give you a call if we think you need some help. You will be required to have regular weigh-ins and we like to monitor your blood pressure, if possible, throughout the course.

Booking Information

The Optimal Weight Plan

Request a no-obligation, no-cost Discovery Call to find out more about this Plan.

Available exclusively online or at our London or Winchester Clinic

We begin with a simple online form which will allow us to assess your current health status and decide which is the best dietary regime for you.

The Plan last for 16 weeks but its aim is to provide long term healthy eating habits which will last a lifetime.

The initial sign on fee is £195, which you pay direct to the Clinic and covers your VoiceAnalysis Assessment and sign-up. Four further payments of £195 are then required and paid through the Optimal Weight Plan Community Hub to open each monthly module.

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If you have any questions about the Plan, please contact us and we will be happy to run through the process in more depth.

To book – contact@healthoptimising.co.uk or call03302236553


What is Involved

It is structured as a 16-week plan which you work through week by week, either online or on your mobile, and covers the following elements:  Our Nutritional Chef developed dietary regimes, “Evolve” or “Harmony”, which you will be advised to follow and provide a large selection of recipe ideas for breakfast, main meals and snacks.  Your unique VoiceAnalysis Sound Files to support your mindset reset.  Fortnightly support from our Well Mind Team to keep you motivated and accountable.  Simple exercise programmes - based on your ability - to get you moving  A host of lifestyle and nutritional education, so that you can understand why losing weight has been hard and what essential lifestyle changes you can make to help achieve optimal results

Exclusive to Health Optimising

The Voice Analysis Assessment and a nurturing Optimal Weight Plan tailored exactly to your needs is available exclusively online, or at our London or Winchester Clinics. We are the only UK Clinic to offer the Optimal Weight Plan featuring VoiceAnalysis using Sound Therapy. You will also receive back up from our Optimal Weight Plan Manager, who can help you with any issues you may have with the course or your progress. You are not alone in this weight loss journey. We will monitor you in the background and if we feel you are plateauing, we will be in touch to see what challenges you are facing and try to see where we can help to support your journey.