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Optimal Nutrition Consultation

A therapeutic approach to food as medicine

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Food as Medicine

Offered by qualified, registered, and experienced Nutritional Therapists who apply the science of nutrition to develop a specifically tailored nutrition plan and support for the promotion of optimum health and performance.

Food and Mood

Additionally, our Nutritional Therapists focus on how food affects the structure and the function of our brains and ultimately our mood, emotions, and behaviours.

A one-hour consultation, a comprehensive Nutritional Health Report and your Personal Therapeutic Food Planner. London Clinic. Online option. Cost £195

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Personal Therapeutic Food Planner

We have taken the hard work away by providing this practical e-book tailored to your dietary type and featuring foods to enjoy, eat in moderation and avoid as well as key ingredients and a selection of therapeutic recipes to meet your personal health needs.

Further Support

You could choose to follow up with cooking plans and lessons offered by The Nutritional Chef. If this is your first assessment with us and you have complex gut issues we may recommend The Heidelberg Test or an Optimal Health Assessment.