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Mental Health and the Gut Biome

Well Mind and Nutritional Support working together

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The gut-brain axis

The stomach has its own brain - the enteric nervous system aka “the second brain” responsible for co-ordinating and managing our digestive functions with input and feedback from the brain and central nervous system, via the vagus nerve. These neural links to a variety of brain regions are associated with processing and regulating mood, emotions, stress, and hunger which explains how the gastrointestinal microbiome can impact, and potentially cause anxiety and depression.

Well Mind Assessment

This in-depth assessment features Health Optimising VoiceAnalysis (VA), a revolutionary voice pattern recognition system. Using speech tone sequences and vibrations it identifies and has the capacity to redress unresolved emotional factors, psychological effects on the body, and deep-seated behavioural and emotional patterns using your unique VA Sound File which is programmed to your own emotional resonance.

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The WMA supports those aged 7 and over to stimulate self-regulation of positive and balanced emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

A 110-minute two-part assessment featuring VoiceAnalysis and a follow up Wellbeing Guidance Session.London Clinic or online.

Cost £295

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Bespoke Wellbeing Treatment

The amazing insight that the VA gives allows us to then tailor a nurturing Wellbeing Plan exactly to your needs. The WMA supports those who want to achieve overall positive and balanced emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, stimulating self-regulation of anxiety, depression, sleep, addiction, and stress and overcome emotional and psychological trauma.

Wellbeing Support Plan Options

Our experienced and caring Well Mind Team offers a breadth of supportive therapies like Psychotherapy, Personal Coaching, Mindfulness, and FreeMind Rapid-Change Therapy. We also offer Nutritional Support applying the science of nutrition to develop specifically tailored nutrition plans and support for the promotion of optimum health and performance.