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Breast Health - Medical Thermography adjunct to mammogram

Using HD Imaging which is painless and radiation free

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Adjunct to Mammogram

An HD Imaging Breast Study is the painless, radiation-free adjunct to mammograms. It measures temperature, not a lump, and enables much earlier detection of abnormal temperatures which show physiological changes and therefore prompts further timely investigation and treatment. Breast disease starts in one breast at a time and tends to have increased metabolic activity that gives off more heat or cold than the surrounding tissue. Screening for asymmetry reveals if one breast is outside of the normal temperature range, or different from the other.

Earlier Detection

Abnormal temperatures that indicate physiological changes can show on an HD Imaging Thermography Study far earlier than a mammogram can detect a lump which may only happen after 7 years of growth. From a baseline HD Imaging Study and a follow-up after 3 to 6 months, depending on the level of concern, thermography will correctly identify increased risk in 9/10 cases.

Booking Information

60-minute HD Imaging (breast) study and report. Cost £335 

Includes an Interpretation Consultation (during an OHA Re-test or separate Skype or Telephone - up to 30 mins)

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Professional Thermographers And Expert Analysis

Fully trained and professional thermographers use the highest resolution camera to visually record and give a very accurate location of metabolic processes and any physiological deviations from normal temperatures and patterns. Unique software features overlayers that ensure uniform studies and accurate direct comparison between studies. The study is analysed by full time and experienced interpreters in Canada who have reviewed thousands of thermograms using specialist software.

Who and How Often

We recommend an HD Imaging Breast Study for women every 5 years from 30 onwards and annually once aged over 50. More regularly for those with abnormal mammograms or Breast Studies with a high level of concern. It is a useful radiation-free procedure for those for whom mammography is inappropriate or who are outside the recommended mammography screening criteria e.g. younger women, those having had a double mastectomy, or those with breast implants. It is safe in pregnancy. Click above or contact us for details, contraindications, reports, and follow-up options.