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Renewed confidence after trauma and past mistakes

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Presenting Symptoms

Struggling with my mental state after problematic physical health conditions, most notably bowel movements, & trauma caused by personal mistakes. 

Coming to terms with how I had chosen to act in certain situations. 

Struggles to understand my relationship with my father. 

The Assessment

Henry is empathetic and non-judgemental and he helped me understand attachment and that nothing is actually wrong or right it is just perception. 

The Treatments

RapidChange Therapy has given me the ability to get to the route of the problem very fast.

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Patient Care

I feel Henry has genuine interest in each person's condition and desire to make them the best version of themselves. 

The Outcome

Since working with Henry I am experiencing more confidence, less worry about perception & the past. Ability to see the good in everything - understand that everyone is on their own journey.I'd like to thank you for all the amazing work you've done with me & the family.

I am very grateful to you. Certainly, I enjoyed the sessions myself, they were completely inspirational / potentially life changing & confidence building.


Mr. BB