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Rapid Transformation of Anxiety and OCD

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Presenting Symptoms

My 17yo daughter has an OCD and anxiety disorder which had been under control but flared badly during lockdown. We approached Henry at a time of crisis – really disturbed sleep and extreme agitation from virtually constant intrusive thoughts.

The Assessment

Although not a prerequisite in a therapist my daughter was enormously comforted that Henry was so personable as well as professional and she could trust him with some very difficult stuff because, due to his own life experience, he got it.

The Treatments

FreeMind Rapid-Change Therapy

I have to admit I was attracted by the “Rapid” in FreeMind Rapid-Change therapy and, in the context of years of CAMHS and other work, it really was. The sessions all took place online which was fine for her, perhaps easier, and she was given a relaxation download.

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Patient Care

If you have a tricky teen (so for that read any teen!) then Henry is your man! He is so relatable and great at what he does.

The Outcome

The first session made an immediate difference to sleep and from then Henry was able to guide my daughter, via some inner-child work, to a place of much more calm, with a mindset and the tools to help herself and the safety net of knowing that Henry is always there.


Ms MW, mum of 17 yo