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Ongoing Sickness & Dizziness

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Presenting Symptoms

When I came to Health Optimising I had been suffering bouts of severe sickness, dizziness and queasiness. This had been going on the past 4 years and my GP had informed me that my blood tests came back negative. So there was very little he could do. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to live with it. I had also been suffering with a consistent blocked nose which was impeding my ability to smell, taste or in short enjoy the parts of life that I’d taken for granted.

The Assessment

I found the assessment to be thorough and way beyond anything I was expecting. It was certainly far and above anything I had experienced through traditional options I had had in the past. Maria was kind and thoughtful in her questions and took real care in letting me know everything that the assessment was showing. She found several bacteria in my gut which explained my constant feeling of sickness, and she even detected sinusitis from an allergic reaction to paracetamol, which the GP's and blood tests hadn’t picked up at all. I also learnt about my cell hydration and picked some great tips on how to be properly hydrated.

The Treatments

I was given 3 sessions on the Plasma Light machine, which is something I’d never tried before. These were scheduled in to fit with my schedule. On top of this I was given reassurance of the effectiveness of the treatment, and how to manage my diet and self-care in between treatments.

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Patient Care

What can I say that really illuminates just how impressed I was with the level of care within Health Optimising. I felt cared for and held the moment I stepped through the door. Everyone was smiling and everyone took their time to make sure I was comfortable and being looked after. It was like being in a hotel if I’m honest. The front of house staff were efficient and honestly the whole clinic felt organised and it was just effortless from my initial assessment right through to my final treatment.

The Outcome

I have woken up since my last treatment with no signs or feeling of sickness,even my partner has noticed that my mood has lifted and my energy levels are up. My stomach feels normal after so many years of feeling sick every day. My sinuses are clear and I can smell, taste and there is absolutely no sign of stuffiness. Its a gift! These things that I thought I’d have to live with are now no longer in my life. It has made a huge difference to me, my partner and by proxy my business too!


Mr JH, aged 38.