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Low Energy, Allergies & Migraine

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Presenting Symptoms

Extremely low energy, suppressed asthma, eczema & chronic allergies along with severe migraines. 

The Assessment

The initial Optimal Health Assessment was fascinating! Completely eye opening, uncomplicated & everything makes sense! 

The Brain Harmony Assessment is surprisingly accurate and the process very rewarding. 

The Treatments

The treatments themselves certainly take it out of you. Come prepared to take this time out of your busy life to focus on the healing for you . Once you are in the flow of the treatments & your body starts showing symptoms it can be daunting but you get incredible support & advice so you feel very comforted through the process. 

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Patient Care

Extremely good level of patient care. Cheerful , professional, friendly & warm staff 

The Outcome

I’m not quite at the end if my treatment just yet but I will definitely see it through & enjoy a more fulfilling life for it - with energy!! Rejoice!

I’m already a stronger person for the journey & I’ve fallen back in love & tune with my body again. I’d 100% recommend  Health Optimising. I’m certainly spreading the word far & wide - life changing stuff! 


Miss BF