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From Deep Sadness to Calm and Compassion

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Presenting Symptoms

I always struggled with low esteem and always felt that I had to fight to survive. I felt a deep sadness but never understood what caused it. My default setting was anger. I used to suffer from feelings of deep injustice.

The Assessment

Having worked with a few therapists over my many years I was fascinated by the whole idea of Henry's Rapid Change therapy. It certainly lived up to expectations and well beyond. Henry achieves extraordinary results in such a relatively short time. He works brilliantly on Zoom so the commitment in time is so much less than anything that is usually required. 

The Treatments

Henry is totally non-judgmental. He seemed to understand every scenario as though he had been there himself. Deep empathy and someone you completely trusted almost from your first session.

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Patient Care

Henry is the embodiment of the consummate professional whilst also being extremely generous in the way he is prepared to share his own feelings, making you feel that you aren't alone in whatever it is you are struggling with. He always makes you feel safe and able to face the most difficult and entrenched issues as he gently talks you through every step. The ultimate confidence builder. He is literally one in a million and anyone who is lucky enough to find him will benefit from his glorious life changing care. 

The Outcome

I especially benefited from having him treat my grown-up children and myself at the same time, as we could all talk about our experiences in our 'Henry sessions' and help each other.

I feel so much less angry and reactive. Henry taught me how to feel compassionate rather than angry, which in turn makes you, as a person, so much calmer. Such an incredible gift to give another human. My deep sadness has now left and I feel genuinely much happier. The sadness was due to a loss of a close family relative (my grandfather) when I was very young. I had never realised that this was sitting at the core of my sadness. This weight has now lifted. I feel that he has taught us all to approach everything more positively and as a consequence, things just click along more easily.

It's been an amazing life changing journey. I feel we have found a dear friend who will now walk beside us all always.

One of his great sayings is 'you don't have to move that star to the left'. I catch myself saying those words to myself often. 

The universe has got this.


Mrs OJ and family