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Body Balance

Our bodywork therapies help to rebalance, realign and re-energise the body and restore the fundamental structures (or essences). Body balance is integral to optimal health.

Bodywork Team

The best therapeutic touch and guidance from a very experienced practitioners who work as a team alongside your Senior Clinician to support your Health Optimising Pathway.

BioMechanical &
Musculoskeletal Therapy

Initial Consultation - Cost £415

A thorough consultation aimed at understanding your unique physical journey and finding the primary cause(s) of your presenting symptoms.
Treatment will involve some hands-on therapy including acupuncture followed by an exercise protocol to re-educate your nervous system.

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Bodywork Therapies

We offer Osteopathy, Massage, Yoga Therapy and Reiki consultations, as well as The Body Stimulator Automatic Exercise machine. 10 minutes on the Body Stimulator provides your minimum daily exercise requirement!