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Brain Harmony Assessment (BHA) using Sound Frequency treatment

Restores capacity for 10/10 energy, sleep, clarity, calm and self-healing through targeting deep root causes

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Like Super-Powered Bespoke Meditation

If you can gift yourself a minimum of 15-minutes morning and night, then bespoke Sound Frequency treatment will restore neural pathways, and gift you self-regulation of energy, anxiety, stress, depression,sleep, or addictive behaviours, and positive, balanced mental and emotional wellbeing. Like personal super-powered meditation, this can be done sitting, walking, or moving - however it works best for you

Balance the Brain to Free Energy

This revolutionary treatment aims to balance the brain, freeing energy for body repair. Brain Harmonising theory says that the origin of mind-body-brain imbalance is unprocessed emotion which has an enormous impact on the activation or inhibition of certain brain areas and circuits. When emotional stress is present, the brain is less equipped to deal with physical problems, which significantly impacts the body and can lower the immune response.

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The Brain Harmony Assessment (BHA) supports those aged 7 and over to stimulate self-regulation of positive and balanced mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

We are one of very few UK Clinics to offer a 90-minute Brain Harmony Assessment featuring bespoke Sound Files and Sound Frequency treatment. 

In-Clinic or online.

Cost £225

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Voice Frequency Signals to the Brain

The Brain detects these emotions via harmonic frequencies in the voice, which are also an indication of cellular vitality and energy. Our Brain Harmony system measures and analyses voice frequency patterns using an algorithm linked to a reference database formulated after a 10-year study by a team of psychologists.

Sound Files for Mind-Body-Brain Balancing

From your sound recording, your Clinician will create unique Sound Files to correct emotional and energetic imbalances and stimulate the brain to initiate change at the neurological level. Your personalised Sound Files are accessed via an app, to be listened to daily in your own time for self-resolution.