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Skin Health Assessment

Find the cause of your skin’s symptoms and heal from the inside out

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Your Body is Talking to You

If your body is presenting with limiting and persistent skin symptoms like acne, rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis then it is talking to you. Focusing on skin ailments without looking ‘under the hood’ only offers superficial, symptomatic treatment.

Dig Deep To Find the Causes

To have the skin you want, you need to dig deeper, to find the cause of your skin’s symptoms, and heal from the inside out, resolving skin issues for good.

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A one-hour assessment and a comprehensive report. London Clinic. Cost £195.

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The Skin Health Assessment

Your introduction to Natural Health covering the basics of optimal health, good nutrition and gut health, and advice on lifestyle changes with a special focus on the skin.

Feed your Skin

The skin is a barometer of your health and as you feed your body nutritious beneficial foods so you should feed your skin with non-toxic beneficial nutrients.